Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I have lost my touch.

Once upon a time I used to cook meals for a family of 6, I baked, pies, cookies, cakes all the fattening stuff, I made my children's clothes, my own and sewed for other parties even!

I have lost my touch. I struggle to think of something to cook for two that is half ways interesting, I have two buttons dangling precariously from my spring cape ( since last spring..geeze). I made hot cross buns on the weekend that should be given to the fishermen in Port Stanley for sinkers!


What if I loose the knitting portion of my brain... ? It doesn't bear thinking.

For years my theory has been that the human least formatted for only SO much information. In order to download more information something has to be deleted. I highlighted "failures" & "disappointments" to be sent to the brains recycling. But no, I lost "meal ideas", "baking" and "mending skills." A trifecta!


Ticks me off.


Knitman said...

Now Susan, I am sure there is nothing wrong with your brain. We all have off days and on another day your buns would have been delicious.
I think with age we prioritise more easily and also come to realise that what the hell does it matter if we didn';t hoover today?

Susan said...

Oh Colin, thank you for that. I am opting for creativity instead of domesticity...;0)