Tuesday, April 07, 2009

O.K. who knew??

I am either stupid or naive. After work I popped into the mall. The Royal Bank was open. Wide welcoming entrance, big shiny signs. I stand in line. "How can I help you?" asks smiley face. "I would like an international money order in Pounds Sterling for (and I named the small amount)." "Certainly," she says, all smiles and happiness radiating from her face. "Do you have your bank card?" she asks. "No," says I. "I have cash."
Crash. No smile. "Are you a customer of this bank?" she asks, a little waspishly. "No." I said, a little hesitantly, wondering what I have done. "I would just like to buy a money order." "Well, I have never been asked that before." she says, "I will have to check." She confides with another employee at the back and the two woman peer at me like I just waved a sharp object at them instead of some twenty dollar bills. She comes back says sternly, "Well I can try. You certainly can't buy a US money order without an account and I don't know if this will work. Oh, and there will be a charge of $15.00 for non customers." (By the way great customer skills there toots)
Those of you who know me can guess what I was thinking. (Lady, I got it in the bum yesterday and once is enough)

"Excuse me," I say loud enough so everyone in the line can hear," I must have missed the sign outside that said "If you don't have a bank card don't come in." I thought this was a chartered bank and all I wanted to buy was a money order." and I stood there smiling at her. She stared at me with her mouth open. "I am not paying $15 for a money order." I said, "and further more I won't be opening an account after all." ( I had no intention anyway)
I went to the post office and got a money order in Pounds Sterling and paid a fee of $5.50.

What happened to the banks? Holy cow. You'd think I was trying to money launder. You couldn't launder a thong on what I was spending. I have learned my lesson. The world has become an unfriendly place. Karma honey..... don't call me when your air conditioning goes "toes up" this summer I have your name..hehehehe


Susan said...

Yes, no such thing as customer service any more and banks are one of the worst businesses that everyone has to deal with. Our Reserve Bank (Federal) cut the base interest rate yesterday by .25%. Two of the big four banks in Oz are refusing to pass it on to mortgage holders because the '... cost of financing mortgages hasn't dropped...' Right. How about you use some of the millions you're paying the CEO and/or some of the tens of millions you're declaring as profit and cut the interest rates by the huge amount of .25%. Barstewards :-).

But back to your post :-). I think the world *IS* getting harder, more selfish and more cynical. I also find it's often not what's said but how it's said. This 'bugger off and annoy someone else because I don't have the time/patience/intelligence AND I'm too important (in my own mind) AND I just can't be bothered' attitude really gives me the sh!ts.

Speaking of sh!ts :-), hope you and the nether region are recovering from the indignity and the trauma :-).

Susan said...

Ahmen Sister..you said it. I am feeling more like myself there was just enough residual discomfort that I was in no mood for the bank nazi. Today I will be lodging a complaint with the Royal Bank of Canada. They are are stupid enough to have a complaint line (one wonders why)I plan on utilizing same.

happyone said...

Banks now a days won't do anything for you unless you have an account!!!