Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Showers brings Knitter's Frolic

Thank heavens for April. It puts us that much closer to "sitting outside after work" weather. I can barely wait. I have fresh daffodils on my desk!

If you are anywhere near Toronto Ontario you must schedule April 25-26 on your calendar.

The Downtown Knit Collective sponsors the Knitter's Frolic at the Japanese Cultural Centre in Toronto. It is the "must go to" event of spring. It is knitter orientated. If it isn't is not to be had! Knitters heaven, believe me. This year I may go for a drool. Shopping will be out of the question. I will be stash diving for at least two months while I pay for the aforementioned car repairs.KW Knitter's Guild Knitter's Fair in Kitchener every Sept are the only two worth while at least for me. I missed the Knitter's Fair in Sept 08 due to my emergency date with the surgeon so I am majorly overdue for a yarn fix. Corinne wants to go too. Anyone else?


happyone said...

I'd love to go but it's a bit of a commute for me!! :-)

Granny's Girls said...

We don't have "Stitches" in Canada so I count myself VERY lucky to be able to go to Kitchener and Toronto.
Where exactly are you?