Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New look for spring

I used to re arrange furniture every spring. Now, I have enough energy to rearrange the blog..lol
New header....Yes I did get carried away and will most likely change it from time to time. Starting in the upper right hand corner: Books I love to read. Big books where I can get lost for days in another world..and book marks... fringes, beady, anything to fiddle while I read. To the left: My favourite depiction of the "Green Man" A wonderful icon of nature... continuing left...Gardenias, my all time favourite flower, so expensive I substitute white carnations.. Below that my beloved Welsh dragon, knitting of course, Upper left: Iridescence anything . Nature in it's infinite beauty...Love the blue...Below that my present knitting project of magnitude proportions "The Welsh Tea Cloth"...I am up to row 101 of 168 and presently have 762 stitches in a round...whew. Below the tea cloth...Beautiful dyed roving from whence commeth beautiful knitting yarn...Rockwood My place of tranquility and peace.... Once upon a time the only place I felt at peace with myself....Oh Canada! My home and native land! Lastly my knitted BLACK lace. I am very happy with this project.
So there you go a few of the things that are part of what makes me...ME.

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happyone said...

Great new header - all about you! Very creative!
I change my blog around quite a bit too. :-)
I love rearranging furniture around the house and do so quite often no matter what time of the year it is.