Sunday, May 03, 2009

What else....

...could happen she asked? My car has had new brakes, rotors and body work over the last month.

I woke up to this this morning:

I was in Goderich...on a Sunday....all the tire repair places are closed. I had to buy the wonder can of gunk that seals and inflates the tire. My mechanic will not be happy.

Let me recap my weekend.

Friday I got off work 2 PAID hours early...Love my employer...because he knew I had planned on driving 1.5 hours to see my mother. Carl had left Friday morning on a 3 day charter. I ended up at Mom's in Tilbury earlier than I would have left London. Unpacked to find I had brought the charger for the blue tooth and not the charger for the cell phone...grrrr.. A neighbour popped over on Saturday morning to say my tire was "down" and I went to a garage and had it topped off. Mom and I had a lovely visit and Sat around noon I left for Goderich (2.5 hrs) for a preplanned meeting with Carl at the Bedford Hotel (wink). This morning Carl called me on his cell from the parking lot, as he was loading the hikers, for their day trip, to say my tire was totally flat. grrrrr. I mean "give me a break"... I had thought of popping up to Kincardine and surprising some of my children, scrounging a cup of tea or a piece of pizza. but it was not to be.

Suffice it to say I am back home. Carl won't be here until around 6pm. I am knitting on the table cloth I refuse to be disturbed by another "auto fiasco." This was a gorgeous weekend. The sun shone, my mother is doing extremely well, I had a lovely drive through the country, went out to dinner with Carl and had a leisurely uneventful drive home.


Knitman said...

touch wood my car has never given me trouble of nay kind. It is A Skoda Ovtavia estate (station wagon) and is the first car I have kept longer than 3 years. It is 5 now.

Tilbury is to the east of London here. Know it well.

Granny's Girls said...

If I can suggest a nicer motel on Victoria St. in Goderich. The Maple Leaf, Tom and Janet are very nice and the rooms are newly renovated with very clean bedding.

~Daughter #2