Tuesday, April 07, 2009

RuPaul's at my house

Totally outrageous! Whilst laying around in a semi haze on Monday and channel hopping I came upon RuPaul's Drag Race.
There otta be a law when a man can look better as a woman than a woman can look as a woman. Go parse that sentence...lol

The first time I saw a female impersonator was in Bermuda in 1969 I was on my honeymoon and we had gone to this nightclub called the "Junkanoo." The entertainment was fabulous and I was not expecting the "reveal" at the end. You could have blown me away when it turned out the "chanteuse" was man.

Back to Ru Paul.... Where oh where do you get a complexion like that at 48 yrs old? I feel like an old shoe.

The gowns were over the top. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was campy and yet oddly fascinating. Now I am going to have to watch it next week to see who wins. I already have my favourite.
Yup, Same person. Hard to believe. I know.

Meet RuPaul, my beta


Knitman said...

It helps that he has black skin which seems to age less quickly. Plus he has bone structure too.

Susan said...

you are absolutely right..great genes too..