Sunday, April 05, 2009

You know it's spring when...

I have flowers on my toes!
The Bunny is Back!

I looked out the bedroom window last evening and saw this bunny sitting by the shrub. Now I think this is where they are all winter. When the snow is on the ground I have seen bunny trails leading back to this cedar. Usually there is a whole family. I will keep watching.
Looks like it will be a cold Palm Sunday. Carl has gone to drive someone to the airport and I am not going anywhere.......except the loo. I am prepping for a nasty test for tomorrow.
I have to have "the dreaded colonoscopy" tomorrow. I have never been so nervous of anything in my life. This is all because I had a rotten appendix 6 months ago and the surgeon feels that it is a wise course of action. My rational mind accepts the reason my emotional mind is running around in a blind panic. Don't you just love the warnings they give you? I was especially impressed with the "death may occur" one. Geeze thanks heaps. How do they put that one in the paper?
Mrs. Whatzizts expired with a hose up her bum? Charming. I made myself watch the procedure on YouTube. I figure if Katie Couric can do it so can I. She sounded as nervous as I am now. By noon tomorrow this whole thing will be over and I will be home having a nap.
So.. because I am being so brave I rewarded myself with a pedicure after work on Friday. Then yesterday I ordered the Queen Ring Shawl pattern from Heirloom Knitting. The picture is posted on the knitting blog. I am going to be shopping for the yarn at the Frolic. The budget is shot with the car repairs anyway so I am taking some money out of my "last resort savings" to finance this. I have to be nice to myself right now. Oh, and wait till I tell you this. Talk about adding insult to injury, the prep powder cost me $30.00!! I told Corinne ( the family wine expert) I could have achieved the same result with 3 bottles of cheap plonk and felt better about it. So today is fluids only, jello, broth, water and peppermint tea. Bloody wonderful. I am starving already. I wonder if rye and ginger counts as liquid? I have a nice bottle of South African white wine ..Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and you get a snotty nose.


happyone said...

I had one of those tests a couple of years ago. The actual procedure isn't bad at all - it is the preparation that is just awful.
My results were very good and I don't have to go back for 10 years!!!
Good luck tomorrow.

Susan in Oz said...

Firstly, could I just say that I'm sorry you have to have this done.

Secondly, could I just say that I'm LMAO here? :-). Sorry but your post was too funny! I had this done a few years ago and it's not so bad really. As happyone said, the preparation is the worst. Do you have some nice, bland moisturising cream for, uh, tender irritated 'never seen the light of day' skin?

Due to the time difference you probably won't get this comment before the nefarious deed is done. I'm sure it will go well though so stop worrying and do report back soon!

PS Why did I have it done? Just 'problems'. Nothing was wrong and eventually I worked out (ha ha) that my system doesn't like a lot of beer on a regular (ha ha) basis. What a thing for an Aussie to have to cope with!

Susan said...

I am hungry and tired, my nether portions are tender and I have exactly one nerve left, god help the person who gets on it. Thank you both, Your words of encouragement are appreciated, I am a nervous wreck. I have been up since 4am for my last "dose." I made Carl promose he will drag me to the car unconscious, if need be, after the fact, just get me the hell outta there. i am leaving here at 7:30....gotta run.......................