Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ladies...what are you thinking????

This week I am sitting in the mall at a display and schmoozing with the general public.

During the quiet times I have an opportunity to observe the following:

Ladies for the love of everything don't you have a mirror? Yes, I know we live in casual times but pleeze take note of the following:

1. Large white T shirts and black tights do not make you look thinner! White tights and a black tee, that is even more ghastly.

2. Crocks look silly on older women.

3. Bare legs , sandals and a winter coat...now that was funny

4. speaking of sandals....Get a pedicure...shudder, heels like that belong in a barnyard.

5. If you need a size 18, wear a size 18...Aren't you uncomfortable walking around bulging all over the place like that? You have to be hurting.

There is an old saying, to paraphrase Robbie Burns, "to have the ability to see ourselves as other see us."

I am going to be chastised for having the temerity to say the above, accuse me of being critical if you will but that's what I saw.

The next thing really disturbs me.

This little girl has gone missing from Woodstock Ontario. Tori, 8 yrs old, Has anyone seen this child??
It is every mother's nightmare. It is on the news all the time. There I sit in the mall as these woman walk by pushing empty strollers. The little ones are wandering after them 20 feet plus behind them. They never turned around to see if the toddlers were following!! I watched them. It made me sick with fear. On they went busy chatting right past the entrance hall. Anyone could have scooped up a little one and been out the door. They wouldn't have even known.

What were they thinking??

Shaking my head. I guess I am getting old.

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