Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh the weeping and wailing..

............and gnashing of teeth

I took the car in for an oil change.
The engine light was on..I panicked
Good news..the gas cap was loose, causes the engine light to come on. Don't ask me I work in an office and knit.
The Bad News.
Words like "tire rods and alignment" and "front brake pads and rotors"
I am going to be sick.
My feet are doing the tarantella on the panic button. Tomorrow at 8:30 I am taking the baby car to another Doctor for a second opinion. I am not holding out much hope. This means: Savings - emptied, Chequing account - emptied, Knitting budget - cancelled, Nothing for the RRSP this month. Negotiate loan from Carl....sigh..

I wonder if you can keep a pony in the city?

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happyone said...

I am so lucky!! My husband does our oil changes and knows lots about cars.
Good luck!!