Wednesday, September 13, 2006


It worked!! It may be a little thing but it is the successes in this life that keep us going.
Today I am working a split shift. Unusual for the store but we are having an after hours sale for the "members only". The anniversary sale is this weekend and I doubt I will have time to post at all let alone get any reading done. I am taking my English book with me today. I have to read an article by David Suzuki and then critique it. Four hundred words. sheesh I still haven't finished my chapter in my archaeology text either and I have a self quiz to do on that one. I had better get a move on if I think I will be ready to write my exams in November.
I was out pre Christmas shopping and I have to say I do not like the Bratz line of dolls. They look like mini hookers! We used to think Barbie was exsessive, but she has nothing on Bratz. The 12 Dancing Princesses are more my girls style.
My next challenge is to figure out how to set the clock on this thing. I have 7:45 am but it will say I posted at some God forsaken hour of the morning. Time to go.....

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FeyRhi said...

ooops should have warned you about that. Sorry my bad. Al you had to do when you didn't see the changes is hit the "refresh" button on MSExplorer. It will refresh the page you are looking at and you will see the changes.

So far it looks great!