Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day Off! Ha!

I need to go back to work to recover from a day off. I didn't get any reading done and knit about 2 rows on my coat.
I did clean out the closet. Packed away my summer stuff,dug out all the long sleeved stuff, refolded everything and put organizers on the closet shelf. Threw out all the old sentimental stuff I should have throw out when that good for nothing Cowboy left me. grrrrr Shredded a journal I had kept for 13 months. Finally. Finished. Done. Over. Whew
Went to Crappy Tire, WalMart, drug store, came home, back to Crappy Tire, put clothes in the dryer, filled out a rebate form, looked up an address and printed out a map for Carl. Scanned a manual that came with the item I picked up for Carl at Crappy tire. That would be the second one I bought the wrong one the first time around, Why do men ask us to go to Crappy tire? I for one always get the wrong item. damn. The second time he gave me a picture. My own fault I offered to go...cut my tongue out!
Oh the microwave beeped I want to get a meatloaf in the oven. Nuff of this "Suzie Homemaker" stuff for me.
OK I still can't post the really cute avatar I made myself. Nuts.
OK thats all for now,

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FeyRhi said...

psst. Look way down at the bottom of the page. Your avatar is down there. *G*