Thursday, September 28, 2006

What is going on?

Either my computer is possessed or the server is being a bitch. My last two posts never seemed to make it to the blog.
I am sure I waxed eloquent too. What a shame they are gone forever into cyber space.
Both times I had saved them as a draft and finished them later then I know I hit post. Oh well.
The funeral yesterday was rending. I was emotionally exhausted when we got home. I saw the same thing on the faces of everyone else there. Sandy's little boy is a beautiful child,only 3 years old, at least Richard will have him to hang on to.
I saw people I haven't seen in 10 -20 years. I wonder if I look that old? Probably, sheesh and here I thought I was doing pretty good...lolol
Two more days of work and I am off until after my surery. I have a lot to get done today. I have to go get some comfortable clothes to wear.

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