Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The middle of the night.

I woke up 3 times tonight. Carl set the alarm for 6am I guess I am just afraid of it not going off or I am just dreading today. Probably the latter over the former.
I wrote a paragraph the other day and saved it to a draft. Somewhere it disappeared, how annoying is that? (Now, that is a fractured sentence)
I finally received a call from the Dr. My surgery is booked for Octoer 6th. Just what I needed one more thing this week. Mind you I am glad they called. The nurse said she was calling the waiting list and my name had come up. She reminded me this was Thanksgiving weekend. Evidently some people had turned down the chance to have their surgery because of the holiday. Stupid. I said if it was Christmas you could have me!
So lets see....Sept 23 - Sandy passed away, Sept 24 - Stan left us 1990, Sept 30- Carl and Dot and Gord and I are going to the Niagara Wine Festival, Oct 2 - Carl's 60th birthday, Oct 3 - day I met that bloody cowboy, Oct4 - day I married Stan, Oct 6- gall bladder surgery. I should send this to a soap opera writer I bet they would have a field day.ROFL
I am looking forward to this weekend it will be good to have some fun. I want to pick up Carl's birthday present before we go away so I have it ready for Monday morning.
There goes the alarm. Time to get up.

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