Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Monday

This is a Mommas and Poppas moment. Funny how things pop into your mind. Oh well, Ths is as good a beginning as any. I have been reading my daughters blog and decided this is a good idea. My English Course(University level...rates capital letters) says I am supposed to start a journal so here I am. Don't know a damn thing about how to use this thing but I will check with "Feyrhi" and find out. brb


FeyRhi said...

Hahahaha!! I found you and you thought you lost yourself *G*

Check your email, There is a note for you on what to do. Make a list of things you want and I will do my best to type-out instructions.

*muah* Love ya!

FeyRhi said...

oh and while I am thinking of it; change your settings to include a word varification for this.
It stops comment spam. *muah*