Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where did the day go?

My, my it is almost 5pm and I have had a busy day. I went out first thing this morning and had a pedicure and got my eyebrows waxed. That is what my friend refers to as "maintenance."
Then I went to Staples and picked up a binder and some post it flags and some other paper "stuff"..um and then I went to the store and dropped off a disc..mistake. A customer spotted me and tried to corner me I laughed and said, "I am invisble it is my day off". I went out and priced monitors for Carl's B day. There is a nice HP with built in speakers at Future Shop. Shame on Future Shop and Best Buy not one sales rep even asked me if I needed help. What do they clall that? Racial profiling? Short blond female looking at monitors..ignore her she probably thinks they are tv's.....Wait till I have the cash in my purse! God help them. Ummm oh I took Carl's shoes to the shoe repair dude and took my suede skirt to the tailors. It shrunk in the closet! Went to the sub shop and got myself a 6" veggie sub..yumyum. I have laundy going now.
Screwed up my knitting, I will have to take out the last 3-4 rows.NUTS. Changed my avatar..again
OK I guesss that's it. Well, if anyone has had the intestinal fortitude to read this far I salute them.
I promise to be more erudite in the next blog.

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