Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring has Sprung....

and thankful I am too. I finally saw my first pair of robins (not this two) . The true harbinger of spring.
The snow is gone and we shall be enjoying balmy temperatures today and tomorrow before things return to a more realistic spring.
Youngest DD is here for the weekend and we are going to be working on the Teddies for Tragedies Project. Carl is working on Saturday and I hope that Julia and I will be able to take a packed lunch and go down to the Thames River with the dog. If all goes well pictures to follow.
My ennui is dissipating with the cold weather and I am slowly feeling better. As my eldest DD says " I need sunshine." Time is the great healer, "they" say. I still miss my mother terribly and always will. It is the "getting used to" part that I am having a problem handling. I keep wanting to call her or tell her something...oh crap there I go again. She aways said my tear ducts were connected to my bladder.
Back to the weekend. I promised Julia a trip to m LYS "Little Red Mitten." Last outing was when Corinne was here and she bought me a gift certificate. This means I can have guilt free shopping. Woo Hoo. The long weekend beckons and I am happy to embrace it.
Enjoy the lovely spring weather and have a blessed Easter.

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