Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ann Coulter pack your bag and leave.

OOO I am so annoyed. Who is this ignorant woman and why is she on a speaking tour in Canada? Ottawa had the good sense to kick her to the curb now she is in Calgary. She had better watch her mouth out there.
I heard her, on television, whilst she was here in London. There is no excuse for bad manners and bigotry cloaked in the guise of "free speech." This type of trouble maker will keep the world at war and foster hate mongering.
O.K.that is my rant for the day.


Julie said...

I'd love to have her thrown out of the US, too. She's a fine example of what's wrong with this country - people stirring up hate to make a buck. Oh, I could rant for hours. Anyway, just know that many Americans feel the same way about her. At least she doesn't LIVE in your country. Sigh.

Susan said...

You have my sympathies and the sooner she leaves Canada the better. Have you heard the silly cow is filing a claim with our Human Rights Tribunal because she doesn't like the way she has been treated? Karma baby.