Saturday, April 24, 2010

More comments on the news of the day....

The latest rumour is that William Shatner is being touted for the post of Governor General for Canada. This is an honorary position as the Queen's Representative in Canada. The residence is Rideau Hall in Ottawa, an elegant and stately mansion.
I was very much relieved to hear that he does not feel he would be suitable for this position. I had visions of the quaffing of Romulan Ale at state dinners and memos written in Klingon. He would have to have the guys from the Big Bang Theory on staff to translate. It is a wise person who knows his limitations.
Now that this is settled may I suggest the 10,000 + people that signed the petition on facebook would be better served putting their attention toward the petition against Karla Homulka, AKA Leanne Teale, getting a pardon. The country is going to hell in a handbasket. It is a travesty of Justice that this murdering bitch is even out of jail now she expects a pardon. If you are not familiar with the case go "google" her. The whole thing turns my stomach.

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