Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Once upon a time children went outside to play.

When I was a child, back in the dark ages, before electronics we couldn't wait to get out of the house. Going out to play was a commandment. Spring meant roller skates, oiling the bike, a new skipping rope and the luxury of a new "Indian Rubber Ball." They were the best bouncers. My father used to sigh when he saw the sidewalk chalked up with hopscotch patterns. We picked pussy willows in the spring and tiny violets in the summer. I thought nothing of riding my bike miles across town to the lake, just to eat my sandwich and read for a while in the peace and quiet. Gone all day, on my own, no cell phones either. The whole purpose of going out was to get away from my mother.. I wince now, but hey I was normal.

We knew how to play out side and keep a low profile. Holy, you did not want to drawn any adults attention. You might get sent inside.

This week, at work, we got a frantic call from a home owner. Let me explain that high efficient gas furnaces have an exhaust out the side of the house. This exhaust does not have a screen or any other ventilated cap. It is vital for the furnace that it remain open. Which is why it should be checked for leaves blowing into it in the fall. Anyway, "Junior" had been sent out to play.
He didn't want to be outside when his computer/TV/DVD player and X box were IN the house.

He put the garden hose up the vent shaft and turned the water on. Water was pouring out of the furnace flooding the basement. She called us to say there was something wrong with her NEW furnace.

Our technician almost had a stroke when he got there and saw the mess. Of course her warranty is null and void and all repairs will be their responsibility.

Being a mean mother, just ask my kids, I would make that little beggar pay back every penny. There would be NO computer/TV/DVD player and X box.

It is more than likely in this "no accountability" society he will get away with it. Damn good thing he's not mine.

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Happyone :-) said...

Your childhood sounds like mine. :-)
I loved going outside to play and so did everyone else I knew.
Just yesterday driving down the road with my husband I saw three boys actually playing outside!! And they looked liked they were having fun. :-)

If my kids did what that kid did, I don't think they would have made it to adulthood. Just kidding! :-)