Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Relaxation Techniques

Two of my favourite books happen to be "Jane Eyre" and "Persuasion." Which just happen to be written by Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austin.
My latest relaxation technique, when I am unwinding before sleep, is to ponder what Jane Eyre packed in her trunk when she left Lowood School. As a teacher she was paid 15 pounds per annum, which even then was a pittance on the excuse she would have no expense, her room and board was covered and she "would keep no society." So what did she pack? I seldom get past a night dress and cap before I fall asleep. It is all about distracting my mind from reality.


Knitman said...

I really enjoy the dramatizations of Austin and Bronte.

Susan said...

Oh me too, I think I have seen every version of them both...several times! I never tire of them.