Friday, April 09, 2010

Another Saturday.....

Yes, I know it is Friday but the last two days have felt like Saturday to me. Yesterday I managed to sort out 3 grocery bins and 2 grocery sacs of books and one sac of DVDs from my little room. I stopped off at two places locally and came out with $92.00 not bad when you consider I only unloaded the equivalent of 1 and half bags. The boot of the car is still full to brimming.
Canadian Tire is selling these plastic boxes, shoe boxes is what they call them, any way they are perfect for yarn. I am trying to round up all my sock yarn and lace weight in a place where I can see exactly what I have. This will mean closet diving today. It is pretty bad when the cedar chest is full and I start putting bags of wool on the closet floor. Shame on you Susan!
I had thought of taking a trip today but the weather is turning back to Canadian Spring. Cold with perhaps some snow flurries. I am leery of icy roads so I will stay in and work on the bears. Happy to report that I have almost finished the knitting portion of this project. The plan for today is to do just that and weave in the last of the ends. If the sun comes out tomorrow there will be pictures on the knitting blog. I am looking forward to the stuffing and embroidery as then they will come to life.
My project list, "What I am going to knit when the bears are finished," is getting longer. I now have wool for a sweet little spring sweater and yesterday I came home with some cotton for a summer sweater.....sigh. That is why I am using clear plastic boxes. I can see the yarn colours on the shelf. Then there is the rose tablecloth. I have the cotton for that too...yikes
I have swatched for the Queen Susan Shawl Project but haven't had the time to actually begin. There are just not enough days in the week
Afternoon TV is the pits so today it will be a Jane Austin marathon staring with Pride and Prejudice...woo hoo


Anonymous said...

If you were as "Martha" as I am, you would put a label on each box with it's contents and project name, then put the pattern inside the box! I bet your $92 will just go towards more wool!

Happyone :-) said...

I think its fun to go through things and get them organized. Sounds like a great idea putting your yarn in the boxes so you can see what you have.
Enjoy your marathon!