Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a bunch 'o stuff....

Love this picture. Starting the day with a little humour beats the heck out of being grumpy. Waking up in good health should be enough for anyone.
Speaking of Grumpy...I had a run in with the car insurance company this week. My policy was renewed, I am supposed to be grateful, and then they wanted double my monthly payment the first month for first and last. ????? and they tried to take it from my account 5 days before it was due. Well, you know what happened. Mayhem.
Enough of that I will only get myself worked up all over again. Folks I am here to say that along with death and taxes the insurance companies are another thing we can not escape. Scum sucking bottom feeders. Sorry, that wasn't very lady like.

Back on the humour front.....I do appreciate clever people. This handy warmer may not be suitable for the office but when I have finished paying taxes and the insurance company I may have to resort to cooking on the above.
...only kidding

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