Saturday, April 03, 2010

Was it ever thus?

Car woes. There was an ominous "BANG" from the rear of my car whilst Julia and were on the way to the grocery store. Julia thought I had run over a "bum". Thank you for that. I thought the tire had blown. Neither, my brakes were not responding fully AND a chorus of metallic sounds accompanied the drive of 6 blocks home.
I expected Carl to be able to diagnose the problem and tell me how much it will cost.
After all he has the man gene right? He can tell you when a piece of music was written, who sang it, when and who published it but he was disappointing me in the Car Diagnoses Dept.
He got on the phone to the Auto Pro dudes who fixed the brakes last year and they talked "man." The up shot was. Don't drive the car!
So here I sit with my morning coffee awaiting the tow truck. This is seriously cutting into my wool shop plans this afternoon with Julia.

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