Thursday, April 08, 2010

Why am I NOT at the office?

Here I sit sipping coffee at 7:55am. A time when I should be sitting at my desk. I had yesterday off and today and tomorrow.

Good thing: I get to go shopping at Little Red Mitten and knit on the Bear Project and watch TV in the middle of the day ( I have special channels in HD).

Bad thing: No work no pay. Should not be going to wool shop.

...sigh... Some people drink...what can I say?

So this week I am having a taste of retirement. Work is very slow at the moment so I am temporarily "laid off." Next week I know I am working so there is no panic. Yet.
As aforementioned I went to Little Red Mitten yesterday to buy a ball of brown wool to finish the bear knitting. I succumbed and all will be revealed on the knitting blog.

Today I am going to finish sorting the craft/computer/my den room. I have so many books, a result of years of sewing and knitting. I put about 10 quilting books on Kijiji. Asking price was a fifth of the value. Not one nibble. I have knitting books I have long past the need for as well. Britt's Mom works for a used book shop and I think I shall just pack them up and take them to her. It is a bit of a drive but as I am not working tomorrow. I may just do that. We will see. Now, that really gives me motivation to finish sorting today. I have a small TV in there so I will put on the Gosford Park DVD ...again...and get to work.

I received an interesting email from the Canadian Cancer Society asking if I would like to participate in an awareness program through the blog. There will be a "prezzie" to those who respond. Sounds like fun and motivation to take care of "the girls." More on that later!!

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Happyone :-) said...

Enjoy your time off and have fun! :-)