Friday, January 01, 2010

The First Day

No resolutions here!
Just wanted to get that out of the way right off the bat.
New Header to start the year. Explanation is as follows:

Last Spring I purchased a lot of fleece with the intention of spending my summer days off work spinning in the garden. Well summer didn't lend itself to tranquil days and the whole plan fell through. This year I would like to take up spinning again. It would be nice if Mother Nature would co operate.
Looking at this sweet little Irish Granny's face reminds me I better up my RRSP deposits.

IN grade 9 I read War and Peace and loved it! It was my first introduction to an epic novel. One of my teacher's said to me,"You can't possibly follow that book. I whipped out my biography page. Every time a new character appeared in the story I added them to my list. It would be nice to read that again.

I have always thought that Gardenias are the most beautiful flower. The fragrance is very heady and although the petals are thick and waxy they are still very delicate. This year I would like to remind myself to take a moment to smell the flowers.

...especially gardenias.

With respect to Queen Victoria's memory this is my symbol for the Queen Susan Shawl from the Ravelry Heirloom group. My yarn has been ordered. I am studying the pattern and I have begun a swatch to get my fingers used to the fineness of the wool. More about this in the coming year on the knitting blog.

This year I would like to finish one of my books and send it to a publisher. It is a murder mystery. I have been held upon the identity of the murderer. Everyone I thought of seemed so obvious. This morning it struck me. It all seemed to fall into place. Motive and opportunity. Now I just have to force myself to re read what I have written and decide if it is a good as I think or if it is, as I suspect, unmitigated drivel... Progress on this front will be found on the writing blog.

Between my life with my dear man, knitting, writing and working full time I forsee a very busy year.

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