Friday, September 28, 2007

Totally humiliating.

O.K. here it is, do you ever watch TV and see these programs where someone is talking about all the weight they have lost? As wonderful as that is, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they ate all that weight on in the first place. I mean no one holds us and I mean me too, down and rams the food down our throat. We blithely go along consuming enough food and drink to keep the third world going for a month and then suddenly, if your lucky, the body hits TILT and you know it's time to diet. No one ever says anything while we are getting progressively larger but loose 2 pounds and we are all put out that no one says anything. The moral dilemma comes when you want cudos for loosing weight BUT and this is the BUT you have to admit how much weight you put on.
The Dr's say that most people have to loose at least 20 pounds in order for it to become noticeable enough for anyone to comment. Even then there may be no comment because now you have engendered "pound jealousy" and have made your friends uncomfortable. It is no wonder we yo yo diet. O.K. I have lost 12 pounds. There I admit it of course that means I put 20 pounds on after I had my gall bladder out. Crap. Which was a year ago. When my weight is where I am most comfortable my mother will tell me my face looks drawn and haggard. Hello? looks like I have to make a choice. Pillsbury dough Boy or 60 yr old woman who feels great?? No brainer.

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