Monday, September 10, 2007

...cherry cloloured silk.

Sometimes a phrase, a word or a tune lodges in your memory. I love the sound of "cherry coloured silk." This is a line from one of my favourite Beatrix Potter books, "The Tailor of Glouster." (Sunday afternoon I watched the movie "Miss Potter") I had all the books when I was a child and even found a copy on cassette tape, read by Claire Bloom, for my children .

Having said all that, I have a weakness for all things cherry, jam, jubilee and lately mohair.
Aha you say, now she is going to mention the Knitter's Fair.
I met my daughter there and we had a marvelous time. Our plan was to have a walk around first and then begin the serious task of spending money.
Half way around we spotted these pewter buttons. OMG they look very "elfin" to me so we each bought 3.
In the latest vogue Knitting, 25th anniversary issue, there is a mohair coat in a dark colour. I have to have this coat so I decided that was going to be my major purchase. I was looking for something safe, neutral and practical. That would be IF I was shopping with my mother. I was shopping with my daughter remember? Suddenly we both glam onto this CHERRY coloured mohair from Fleece Artist, Nova Scotia's finest. I need reassurance from everyone that I can "carry" a cherry coloured coat. It is so gorgeous.
Now I see my daughter has referred to me as the blond bombshell so I guess I have no worries..lolol

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