Sunday, September 23, 2007

I went to the Hairdresser!

Sigh....What is it about hairdressers, they never listen. I said, " I don't want the length cut just shape the top and the sides. He proceeds to whack off about 2 inches off the top and started moving down the back. I said, "whoa! I don't want it short." "It's OK," he says," I won't cut it short." OK it's not short but it is 2 inches shorter all over. I won't know just how short until I wash it and go to style it myself. THEN there is the colour. "OK," I said," it is to light. But, I still want it blond." "You are going to like it," he says. I have no idea what they call this colour. In the sun it is entirely different than in the house. Antiquey browny goldy something. (Wiping a tear). I was there 3 hours! I was bleached, steamed, washed, coloured, washed, deep moisture treated, steamed again, washed again, cut and blow dried. I scare myself every time I go by the bathroom mirror. I guess I will get used to it but it is a LOT darker than I wanted. So back to my first question. Why don't hairdressers ever listen?

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