Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Solution

I phoned CNS Yarns, they market TheLily Chin Yarn Collection, in Montreal and I e mailed them also. I got home last night to find I had received an e mail from Lily heself. She is on her way to Ancorage to teach a class and had heard of the screw up. The Vogue chart is wrong and so are the directions, funny enough the only right thing is the yarn. It really is Greenwich Village. She emailed me her original instructions and I photo copied the chart and cut and pasted it back into the correct order.
You would think Vogue would get their web site back up and running. I wonder how many other screw ups there are? So if anyone else wants to knit that dress I have the corrected instructions.
Sorry Lily but I am really not crazy about the yarn and I think I will shop around for something a little more "up market." If I am going to put all that work into knitting lace it had better be spectacular!

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