Sunday, September 30, 2007

The bad estrogen

Mother Nature is a bitch. Getting older is even bitchier. Do you know that as we (females) age we develop an estrogen which deliberately and with malice a forethought causes us to pack on fat around our waist. Which means that if you weigh 120 pounds at 30 you are not going to fit into the same size clothes if you weigh 120 pounds at 60. Now isn't that just the crapper?
Of course there is a solution. Rip out my finger nails.......It is the dreaded word.....exercise !!
For the last 6 weeks I have been using the exercise glider, much like cross country skiing without freezing your nether regions, whilst I watched the TV. Now that I didn't mind because I could disassociate myself from what I was doing.....until one of the "skis" suddenly snapped. Which of course I am never going to live down. Why couldn't it have broken when HE was on it?...sigh...I don't take teasing very well.
So, for the last week I have wondered what to do 'cause I had noticed a difference and once I got into the routine it was practically painless.
Yesterday, in a fit of restlessness, I dragged my kicking and screaming butt into "Curves."
Where I "got the tour."
Yup, I signed up. It is my way home from work so I plan on stopping off each day. It's only half an hour of "unmitigated torture" ( I lie) and costs about the same as a pedicure/manicure each month. I was not thrilled to find out that 49% of my mass body index is fat and yes they do take into consideration your age, sheesh and that is cutting me some slack cause I am now over sixty. I thought we were 98% water? Somebody lied. Bastards. I shall report in a month as that number goes down. I was relieved to find out I am only..ha.. "overweight." It is shocking to find out what, medically, is considered "obese."
So I fully expect to hate and despise the first two weeks of this. Crap, I just hate the thought of anything remotely like ..gag..."gym"...shudder. What a masochist and I am paying money for this too. Weeping and wailing. OK I will stop whining now.

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