Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fair Isle mittens

I am getting very aggravated. I have started a pair of fair Isle mitts about 3 times. First the rosewood needles I bought were too small. So I dug out some casein needles I had. They are too long. The rib is alright but the pattern in the mitts is lumpy. My Fair Isle knitting is flat thank you very much and these mitts are just not up to standard. I bought some Misti Alpaca yarn for the job. Yummy and soft and warm. BUT I am not happy with the fair Isle transition from one needle to the other. I am knitting with 4 needles in the round. So, now I think I will knit them flat and then sew up the side seam. Seems like a cop out but if I add one extra stich and use a mattress stitch the seam will be invisible. Crap, it also means I have to purl in fair Isle...sigh....
I found the pattern whilst "googling" in "Google Images". It is amazing what you can find if you type in a subject and then google in images instead of the just the web.
I can't show you a picture cause my daughter reads this and I want to surprise her (*waves to Feyrhi).


FeyRhi said...

That's not fair. *pout* How did the pot roast turn out? I rarely use my slowcooker because by the time I turn it on in the AM, I'm not hom for 10 hours and that is just too long.

So today I went out to Home Hardwear and picked up plug timer, you know that kind you can use for lights. Why I didn't think of they years ago I don't know. Gonna try it out tomorrow.

Myfanwy said...

Don't get too excited I am still trying to figure out how I am going to do this. It would be so bad if I wasn't such a perfectionist..grr

Good idea about the timer thingy. I'll send you a couple of other ideas for the cooker.