Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

My God I whine a lot, Sheesh don't mean to I guess I look upon this place as my "venting spot".
I had a dab at domesticity today even got out the vacuum. God I hate cleaning. I even went shopping for some decent drapes and bed coverings. I have to spruce up our bedroom it is just not me. My dear man told me to go ahead and do whatever I want...rubbing hands together in glee..heheheh.. he may be sorry.. One of these days he will go out and come home to a different place.
Speaking of which. He has a "thing" for paper. You don't touch it you just let it pile up. I on the other hand are of the " If you haven't looked at it in 6 months throw the sucker out...discounting all knitting magazines ( of course)" So today I cleaned off the island in the kitchen. End of the World. OMG he was beside himself. From now on I will just add the mail daily to the already growing pile on his computer table. He started shredding but gave up after about 15 minutes. poor sweet man. We all have our "thing" and this is part of why I love the dear guy.
Shhhh, don't tell him.. But when the pile get's too high I will take some off the bottom and put it in a box in his computer room. I am so devious.....rofl He has a table in the living room where he records his business runs..that's the pile I was just talking about.
I am sure there are things about me that make him crazy too..Like moving his papers...*G*
What the hell it could be worse. I am on my own tonight..boohoo..he won't be home till midnight.

He burnt me a copy of Phil Collins, Love Songs, a compliation... old and new. It is wonderful

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