Monday, January 22, 2007

A street on the Isle of Capri!

There it is..ta dah.. this is the picture I bought for my office wall. It is three feet square.
It brightens up the whole space. I am going to get a jug of silk sunflowers to put on the filing cabinet. It is actually much brighter than shown here.There is a lot of bright yellows and gold. I can almost feel the heat of a summers day on Capri. A beautiful place! ...Sigh ...I am sure I walked past this door.


FeyRhi said...

Nice choice, it's very you. Was that the only one or was there a series of pictures?

Myfanwy said...

Yup it is me isn't it. Every morning I walk into the office and when I turn on the light I just mentally walk up those steps to the front door..sigh
See everything is meant for a reason and I wasn't meant to have those other pictures. They weren't "right".
I just love this one. How be you and I plan to go to Capri one day? I went on a trip with my mother we had a wonderful time. Think about it.