Thursday, January 18, 2007

I have arrived!

For the first two days on my new job I came home at night and collapsed. I am sure it is brain exhaustion *G.
Let's face it my previous job wasn't rocket science! Now I am learning about mid and high efficiency furnaces and the differences in power consumption with a dc over an ac motor, then there is the paper work! Thank God for a computer..lolol Anyway I am enjoying it. I enjoy the challenge and we have hardly scraped the surface.
I feel like Nixon's secretary these days. The previous girl was a pack rat and has kept records since 1992. A little excessive. so Gord went out and bought a shredder. I have years of stuff to shred. A literal mountain! The poor shredder keeps over heating!
While they are out today I am going to re arrange the office. I took a tape measure yesterday and measured everything and I should have lots of leeway. The office is 10'x10'. I am going to take before and after pictures. The file cabinet, which is 3' across will be the challenge. I will have to empty a couple of drawers or it will never move. I went out last night and looked at Home Sense for a picture. I found 2 I like. One is pastoral just a tree and a field but the colours are gorgeous. The other one is more mediterranean with lots of tile roofs. The office walls are aqua and I really don't want to paint yet. The sky in the tree painting is a much deeper shade than the wall and has a large dark brown frame. The roof painting has lots of coral and sandstone tones no frame the canvas is just stretched over the stretcher bars. So anyone have any comments? I went on the Home Sense web page in the hopes I might find pictures of the paintings but no such luck. You will just have to go by my description, such as it is.

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FeyRhi said...

I say go for the mediterranean, hands down. Fields and trees are nice but it sounds a bit boring and the other one is a bit more you *G*