Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here be dragons!

You can hardly make her out on her bed of red satin. She arrived today from Nova Scotia nestled in a box of purple raffia and snuggled in a bag of red satin. She is a creation of a sensitive woman named Heather d'Entremont.
I had to turn my dragon ring around to show off. I have christened her "Blodeuwedd" Pronounced Blow- die'- with. It mean flower face and feminine spirit. she was conceived in the fair isle of "New Scotland" under the loving touch of a very talented lady. Her eyes are garnets, she has pearl and glass accents and a Swarovoski crystal on her forehead. You can't get more regal than that. She is coiled around a boro lampwork "egg".
As I start my new job on Monday she will be with me for inspiration. I am going to have to write a little story about her life and how she chose to live with me. I am sure she was born of the mist of the morning, the spray of the sea and the rising of the moon, as all good dragons are. They only need the soul of a believer, the hand of a creator and the call of a safe haven.
Blodeuwedd, whisper her name in the night and she will be there.


K9Mama said...

I love the princess' new name. She looks so happy in her new home. Thank you for keeping and protecting her as she will keep and protect you.

(from the mists of New Scotland)

Fey said...

She is BEEEUUUTTTIIIFFFUUULLLLL. Better hide it when the grandchildren come to visit...or your oldest daughter. I am positively green with envy, can't wait to see her for real.

FeyRhi said...

I'm not sure why blogger is shortening my name for no good reason. Silly thing.

Mechele Armstrong said...

How beautiful! And what a wonderful idea to write a story about her.