Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I am knackered!

Today I went to the new job. Just for one day this week and it is multi layered. We barely scraped the surface but I am challenged to learn more!
Then I went out with 8 crazy women for curry at the Jewel of India and then 5 of us went and played (read: cheated at) pool at an Irish Pub. Five of the eight of us are grandmothers and I am happy to say we did not set a good example. Well then again maybe we did it all depends on your outlook.
Tomorrow I am back at the old job. I am supposed to be there 2 more weeks. There is a staff meeting tomorrow morning I have been told I am not expected to be there. A trifle snotty but another good reason to be glad I am leaving. She can go ahead and give me severance and I can go to the new job. My new employer would be glad to see me earlier.
I am heading to a nice hot bath and a good book.

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