Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who knew: I am Feng Shui Natural?

So there I was re arranging the furniture in my office, buying a picture for the wall, tossing out clutter and today I discover I was doing everything feng shui! What do you know?
My back is to the wall to give me strength. The desk if off set to the door so the entering chi can be dispersed. The colour of the walls falls into my colour scope. ( go to The picture is a bright splash of colour. I have a plant with a warm colour (pink) an ivy and a small palm. I am going out to get some bamboo in water to put on the table to my left. I pull up the Venetian blind to let in as much light as possible. All I need now is a spiritual corner ( top of the filing cabinet) a red cloth or red telephone stand under my telephone for open communication and I am just about set. I need something on the wall where the Chloe calendar is.....problem...need the calendar....That is my creativity space according to my feng shui map. I bought some silk sunflowers for the filing cabinet I just have to make a grouping of them and something for my spiritual corner maybe a little statue of Ganesha. The elephant god for my granddaughter or a smiling Buddha or maybe both! Tomorrow on the way to work I am going to A&P they are open 24 hrs and have wonderful bamboo. Then I will have to make another stop at Home Sense to see if anything new came in this week. I will post pictures. This is exciting!!

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