Friday, January 26, 2007

If Wishes Could Make It Happen!

Sometimes dreams and wishes should just stay that way. If you never try to make them happen you don't get disappointed. Then again if you never try you never know either. Very confusing. Sorry about the ramble. I just had to face this morning that I am not going to be able to complete the univeristy courses I wanted to do. It is too late in life to bite of this big a chunk. To say nothing of the cost factor. My enthusiasm was greater than my common sense. There would be another $155.00 cost per course for a course extention and that would only give me 2 more months. Not enough time. Oh well, I think what I really wanted was the "university" experience as much as the piece of paper. The amount of money I have spent thus far has made me wince. It was a gamble and I never was a good gambler...So there it is. It's over. I tried. Did you hear that "pouf"? That was a bubble that just got broken.

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