Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The beginning...

A New Year begins today and filled with all our mistakes, procrastinations and hopefully some successes we have a chance to start all over again. My biggest challenge for the first month will be to remember that it is now 2008 every time I write a cheque.
My brother was born in 1958 and I can remember thinking how old this baby would be in say..1970...and 1990....and in 2000. Why, he would be 50 in 2008. This seemed such a ridiculous thought.
How many times will we all think or say today, "Where has the time gone?"


FeyRhi said...

I remember doing the math to figure out how old I would be in the year 2000. 29 seemed so ancient to me then and I was almost *gasp* 30!!!!!!

Wow where did he time go? 30 came and went and now I'm closer to 40 then I'd like to admit. LOL

Myfanwy said...

Hey you are closer to 40 than I would like to admit...lolol