Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pneumonia Vest Pattern

I am assuming you have been knitting and are now wondering what is going to happen next. OK lets re cap.
4.5mm needle
3 balls Bernat Satin Yarn...if only one colour...more colours the more yarn you will need...(all those ends doncha know)
Cast on 66 stitches and knit every row for 134 rows that's 67 ridges on the front and 67 ridges on the back.
Now knit across 22 stitches and cast off the next 22 stitches then knit to the end of the row.
Place the first 22 stitches on a hank of waste yarn we will pick them up later. Knit the 22 stitches remaining on the needle for 32 rows ( 16 ridges). Put these stitches on a hank of waste yarn. Go back to the other 22 stitches and put them on the needles and joining a new ball of yarn knit 32 rows on them. This first row should be knit from the neck toward the side or you will end up with 2 ridges on one side and a big "ditch" on the other side.
When this is done knit across the 22 stitches, you just knit, cast on 22 stitches and knit across the 22 stitches on the waste yarn. Voila! you have just created the neck opening. Keep knitting on these 66 stitches until you have 67 ridges or 134 rows the same as the other side. Fold it over and sew up the 50 ridges on the side seams. These leaves a generous arm hole for ease of wearing. Weave in the ends. NO KNOTS please.
I am getting energetic now and knitting another one with 3 colours. Now I will have all the ends to weave in. I am a brute for punishment!..lolol

Whilst doing this I was having a think. I am going to open a knitting blog. I have some great patterns now out of print that I can post. I just have to come up with a snappy name and I will link it to this blog. Watch for it!

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