Sunday, December 30, 2007

Benazir Bhutto

This year closes with the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Although I am not a political person I have watched this woman over the years. It is a testimony to her country that she succeeded where so many others have failed.
She represented the hope of democracy not only for her country but also for all women in the Muslim world. Benazir accepted the legacy of the PPP party that was founded by her father. Her father and brothers were assassinated also. When she returned to Pakistan she knew she was in danger. I watched an interview with her that was filmed this month. She said,"I know I am in danger but the results are worth it and I am willing to accept the responsibility." That wasn't an idle aggrandisement comment. She knew there were factions that would be happy to see her dead.
Now, my rant on our politicians. What the hell are they thinking? "We encourage the people of Pakistan to go forward with the elections on Jan 8th." Well, Duh She was the opposition! Who exactly do they think is going to run? So they have an election there is no one to run against the president and then he can say he was elected fair and square. The words "politics" and "common" sense will never be found in the same sentence. According to their tradition, political leaders can name their successor. Benazir's husband is not held in high regard in Pakistan. Actually many feel he is personally responsible for the charges of corruption against her that resulted in her being removed from power twice. BUT, the people kept electing her again and she would have won this time. So now the hope of democracy in Pakistan rests on the head of a 19 yr old boy. He has accepted his legacy and his mothers name of Bhutto. He will also have accepted that now he too will be a target. Does anyone believe for a second that his age will deter an assassin's bullet? When will we hear the voice of reason in the world today? Where will he be a year from now? Where will we be a year from now?

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