Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chloe has been naughty!!

Today I received a phone call at work. It appears Miss Chloe was discovered on the 11th floor of the apartment building at the back of the playground behind us. How she got out under that fence is beyond me. I thought I had stuffed up all the holes. It is not the fault of her puppy sitter she is just one bad woman! See she won't even make eye contact with me. You can just see the purple heart tag she is wearing that has her name and telephone number. I am very fortunate that they did not call the "Dreaded Dog Catcher". The last time she was brought home in the paddy wagon it cost me $50.00. Now she has a record! Sigh, and I thought teenagers were bad. I am going to have to save up and get her spayed. I am sure that is the problem. She is no different than any other girl with a rush of hormones. The older she gets the more of a problem it becomes. No OHIP for this though. I have an excellent vet but $500+ ...shudder. well, I am just going to have to bite the bullet and make the appointment. In the meantime.......... Chloe has NO idea how lucky she is.......
It just so happens that my boss and his wife had "Button" a dear little Shih Tzu for a gazzilion years before she passed away and his family are Shih Tzu lovers AND when he heard what happened today he said, that's enough! and I should bring her to work with me. That was very kind of him but Chloe has no appreciable office skills.
This is my favourite baby picture of her. She looks just like an EWOK from Star Wars.
Once upon a time not so long ago Chloe and I were having a pretty hard time of it and we slept together to keep warm at night. She was my little hot water bottle, then in the morning she wouldn't come out from under the covers until I had the oven turned on to warm up the place. Thank God that is in the past. But we have shared a lot together and I can't bear the thought of loosing her.

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