Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who remembers "Dippty Do?"

I am talking before mouse, pump air spray, gel spray, 47 different kinds of conditioners, hand held hair dryers, curling irons, crimpers and hot rollers.
I am talking sleeping EVERY night with brush rollers in your hair and wrapped up in a chiffon scarf. Your hair needed to be long enough to cushion the bristles but short enough to make sure it would be dry by morning. For those special occasions you could sit sweating under plastic cap-hose attached portable hair dryers.
I went all through public school in a haze of scraped knees, my bike, hop scotch and wild and wolly hair. By the time I was in grade 7 I refused to have it cut and skinned it back into a pony tail. I had observed that the two brightest girls in the class always had Perfect hair. They got good grades were well liked and could hit a baseball. ah ha I said to myself that is the secret. Be well groomed and the world is your oyster!
Introducing the worlds most perfect page boy..ta dah...
The secret....Liberal applications of dippity do to the hair when it is wet. When you take the rollers out in the morning the hair retains the roller shape.
Brush it into position and spray with aerosol hairspray loaded with fluorocarbons.. Yes I helped to deplete the ozone layer. BUT I had great hair!

1965 the good old days!!!

I still couldn't hit a baseball, nothing is perfect.

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