Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time heals all wounds...

.....or so "they" say. I always wondered who "they" were. Anyway life goes on ...and a lot more platitudes. sigh. I am just worn out. He didn't want a funeral, which in retrospect was kind of him I just didn't know he had changed his plans. Shock that. The paperwork is unbelievable. I have phoned, faxed, photocopied and emailed a mountain of information so far. No wonder they give you 10 copies of the death certificate. I tried out the word "widow"...nah that's my mother. Oh well, I am rambling. It's overcast and raining and there is not enough work to keep my mind occupied.
Yes, I am back at work, I came back yesterday; can't afford to stay home. One more day and the long weekend will be here. Good timing. I want to clean out my "den" and maybe go shopping for a new spring coat. I have been in a rut wearing the same one for 14 years. Ye Gods I sound like my mother! Hey it was a nice coat. lololol Yes, I do sound like my mother.
O.K. time to get back to my life. At my age I can't afford to keep killing off brain cells with all this stress.

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