Friday, April 06, 2007

"My Ernie"

I guess I am being a little nostalgic today..No bike to ride.*Smile*

Whilst tidying up my mess I came across this envelope with old pictures. So I thought I would include them here periodically and tell a little story to go with them.

This is "mynernie"(pronounced "mine ernie" all one word) as I would say at this age. Yup that is me on my grandfathers lap I am almost 5 years old.

Ernest Harold Cottrell worked in the mailing room at the Toronto Star newspaper. He knew everyone from the truck drivers to Greg Clarke ( feature writer), "Jocko" Thomas(crime reporter) and Hugh Halliday, (nature editor) . Everyone at the "Star" knew him and called him Ernie or Ern.
He used to take me down to the Star and show me off when I could hardly walk. The people who worked there used to say to me , "Who is this old man you are with." and I would answer," He's mine ernie," and it stuck I called him Ernie all my life. Sheesh I look at this picture and think I am older now than he was when the picture was taken. wow.
He was with the Queen's Own Rifles at Vimy Ridge during WWI. When the Vimy Memorial was completed there was a national lottery of all the Canadian veterans who had been there and Ernie and Greg Clarke were2 of the group chosen to go to France on a luxury liner to be there for the dedication. I think it is wonderful that so many schools are participating in the memorial in France this year. He would be so proud.
He died suddenly when I was 17 I still miss him.
By the way I remember that dress it was a yellow and brown plaid. I have a quilt with some of the fabric in it. My mother made it. That is her hand on my shoulder.

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