Friday, April 20, 2007

The Green Man

Here is my latest inspiration: I was going to show you what it looks like now but of course the batteries are dead in the digital camera. I will post a new picture of the "before" tonight after work. I have been collecting beads and decorative threads and I think I can finally say I am ready. I have been wanting to start him for months but it seems a fitting spring/summer project. This will be completely beaded by the time I am finished. FYI The image of the green man greatly outnumbers the image of Christ in most cathedrals in Britain. An interesting little bit of trivia I picked up whilst googeling. This particular green man has a more benevolent look to him than many I have seen. I just felt drawn to this image. I don't know where this one originated but my compliments to the artist.
I am going to be busy on Saturday but I am planning on some relaxation time on Sunday to get him started.


FeyRhi said...

Why all the Green men you may wonder? Well when the Christians invaded. *ahem, sorry* Came to Britian and wanted all the churches built...who do you think that best craftsmen were? The Pagan locals of course. The crastmen were smart enough to keep thier religious views quiet and keep the money they were paid for thier work. Since they would be spending a lot of time in these building it made sense to have their Gods present. So while the priest droned on about the 'Almightly' they could look up into a representation of their Gods and have peace. Kinda clever of them if you ask me.

FeyRhi said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that you have inspired me to finish my own geen man. I started him close to 5 years ago! My bad. I have another beautiful cross stitch pattern I will not allow myself to start until I finish Him. Race ya!

Myfanwy said...

Well you can race me if you want but I am looking on this as my "Summer project" So my goal is Sept 1, 2007 . There you have lots of lead time.lolol