Monday, April 23, 2007

What if ???

I actually managed to relax yesterday. My favourite spot... on the patio, ensconced on the chaise lounge , knitting in hand, glass of wine at the ready and a book on tape playing away.
It was one of Anne Perry's books. A Victorian mystery about a detective on the London Police Force named William Monk. As the story begins he is waking up in hospital after being hurt in a carriage accident. Crucial to the story is that he has lost all memory of his life, his job, even his name. He is determined that no one should know this weakness and while he struggles to find out who he is and of course he will solve the crime.
O.K. back to why I am telling you all that. I had a thought as I sat there. What if I woke up tomorrow and didn't know who I was? What an interesting concept. Monk has to go through his pockets and by looking at the bits and pieces there he tries to get a grip of who he is.
Here is my challenge. Pretend you have lost your memory. Now empty out your pockets or purse and look at what is there and see what it says to you.
My purse had 4 used tissues ( gross I know) .....3 tubes of lip gloss...2 hair combs.... a box of mints.....a checkbook and a calendar held together with a wide elastic...a pad of post-it-notes....a hair Barrett..hand lotion..3 pens ...a wallet filled with debit slips from the cash machine and a bunch of keys.
From this I deduce I must be an obsessively neat, dried out old prune with long hair, fresh breath and allergies who makes notes, likes to go shopping and has access to a car.
Hmmmm so much for that idea.

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FeyRhi said...

LOL, what a great idea, I'll have to upend my purse and see what falls out. *G*