Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Anytime we are asked to change our lifestyle we moan, shrug our shoulders and say let someone else do it. We are comfortable in our lifestyle, spoiled more like it, and so tired of hearing the "scare mongers" we ignore what is in front of our eyes. It is a well known fact that I hold little regard for our neighbours to the south. Time permits me from going into detail at this time. However, I am very impressed with Al Gore. I always believed Bush should never have won that election...there was something funny going on there, any way I digress.

I encourage you to watch this movie. Al Gore is an excellent teacher. This is happening now. If we do not change the way we live there is going to be drastic changes in the world in my and possibly my mother's life time and she will be 82 this year. A picture says a thousand words and this is a very eloquent portrait of the state our world is in.

If we expect to leave a legacy to the children of the world, a legacy we can be proud of then it is time we DO something about it.

First watch the movie, second change something about the way you live. If everyone makes one change the next one will be easier.

It may be Inconvenient but it is about time we grow up!

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