Monday, February 12, 2007

NaNoWriMo Challenge

I have been sitting on an e mail from NaNoWriMo for over 2 weeks. It came, I read it and have been thinking ever since. For all I know it may even be too late. Anyway I will check that later.
The idea is that you set a goal for yourself for the coming year. Goals are good. They give us a reason to procrastinate..lololol. No, I am sure that is not the reason they are doing this. This goal can be anything of your choosing. There are a lot of things I would like to do. I just can't decide which one....lolol.So I waffle and waste time.
Oh by the way the repair bill for my car will be in the neighbourhood of $2,500. ouch. If I had to reapir it I would feel even worse.
I found a great knitting site ( on the weekend. CANADIAN too. Bonus.
Hmmmm that reminds me of that knitted shawl in Meg Swansens Lace Knitting Book.That would be a hefty project and would take me until NaNoWriMo next Novemember.
I will have to think about this......

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