Thursday, February 08, 2007

Beware Big Bashing Buggars!

My poor wee RED car was bashed tonight as I was leaving work by a 1989 One Frickin TON truck colour: grey and rust . I see him every night as I leave work . Tonight he was so busy looking up the street he didn't even look for me and rolled out of his drive and SMASH right into my passenger front quarter. This may be nothing more than a fender bender in most peoples opinions but to me it is traumatic! I can't open my front passenger door.. Boo Hoo We had to go to the Police Collision Reporting Station and he said. "I didn't see her!" Admission of guilt. My $500 deductable is waved and I get a rental car while mine is being fixed. I have to go to the estimate place tomorrow. Oh sigh I just didn't need this ....right ...never.
I called Carl right away and he talked me to the collision center as I had no idea where I was going.
He will be home around 9 tonight. He was concerned thinking it was the drivers side and was I OK? but I said it was the other side and other than being shook up I am alright.....My poor car.....
*sniff* All the way home from the Collision Center I felt as if all the other cars were about to hit me.....sigh.... I was glad to get home.

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